Hey there, I'm Twan ✌️

I'm a Creative Developer and Technical CRO Consultant from the Netherlands.
Currently, I've been employed at Storm Digital for 571 days.

These days, web-development can be a very daunting task to learn for the developer who's just starting out. With things like JavaScript frameworks, server-side rendering, and REST/CRUD API's, it doesn't get a lot simpler either.

However, it doesn't have to be this way!

I love writing about making your developer life easier. From basic HTML & CSS, to more complicated subjects regarding web-development, I write about all of them.

You might know the expression "That's a piece of cake". In Dutch, we have a saying that goes likewise. Roughly translated back to English, it says "That's an Egg". With my writing, I want to make you feel confident in your ability as a developer and think; "That's an Egg!".